Thursday, November 25, 2010

A small response

There are so many wrong things written on the Facebook page of Sal Animal Rescue it is hard to know where to start (not mentioning the spelling of my name). Firstly, Jackie has made it clear that she did not want to be involved in the castration programme in January (clearly the last one was very stressful) so of course some others stepped in to say they would manage it (I was not, in fact one of them). Stating my name and implying that I had some hand in a poor neutering clinic earlier this year is ludicrous since I was in Boa Vista at the time (but receiving daily updates and feeling immensely happy that it was taking place). If there was a better way to manage the clinic, I hope that those who were there, including Jackie, will make constructive suggestions so that the one in January will maximise the lessons learned.

I have been asked by Jackie on several occasions to take over the shelter, as have others, but have been absolutely clear that I would not, for many reasons, the biggest one of which is that I already have a full-time (unpaid) job. Why Jackie would say that sick, injured, abused, starving or dying cats and dogs should be brought to me is a mystery.

Jackie has made it clear for some time that she would like to close Sal Animal Rescue and will do so as soon as the remaining dogs have been adopted. Clearly there is a need to help the animals in Cabo Verde (not just Sal) so why is it a bad thing that a group of 'upstanding citizens' are trying to do something? This is a good thing for the dogs and cats not a bad thing.

The new association, if and when it is formed, will concentrate on becoming a legal entity, something that I and others feel is critical since it gives you status and the ability to fundraise. The Camara Municipal do Sal expect this for any group to be taken seriously. The exact parameters of the activities of the association are under discussion but the objective is obviously to improve the lives of animals in Cabo Verde.

As for glory and MONEY, shame on you Gemma to imply that I would do this for money. Anyone who knows me would know how strongly I feel about animals and animal rights. Anyone who knows me knows the pain that animal abuse in this country has caused me and Neal.

MONEY? FAME? Really? Jackie I cannot believe that you think these two words hit the nail on the head. Working here is hard enough, working with animals for no money is even harder as you plainly know. Let's celebrate people who make a contribution, no matter how small, no matter whether we think it was significant or not. No matter what we think of them personally. Who cares what their exact motives are as long as they are doing something.

Carolyn, nobody has spoken of the plans for the association, since there are none, it's a kernel of a spark of a germ of an idea with many undecided facets. It's not hidden. Jackie was informed a while ago about the idea and agreed it was a good idea.

In case there is any doubt, I have not instigated this new association. In fact, I was approached by a friend of Jackie's to assist with the legal and financial aspects of setting up an association since I already have experience in this area. Jackie, herself, recommended that the person in question approached me.

In case you missed it, JACKIE WANTS TO CLOSE SAL ANIMAL RESCUE and has for some time, therefore a new initiative is needed.

And JACKIE DOES NOT WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN THE NEUTERING CLINIC in January, therefore someone has to take charge or we waste the vet's time and lose the support of a wonderful benefactor.

So, well done to everyone in the past and in the present and in the future who has done anything to help the animals here. Now, for the good of animals, stop the bitching and let's welcome any and all associations, individuals, ideas and initiatives, keep the goal in mind and move forward.