Saturday, September 10, 2011

A story to warm the heart, Fenix the dog that wouldn't die

The saddest little dog used to live near us.  Fenix, with his back legs paralysed, dragging himself around with his front legs, living disabled on the street.  But who was sad?  The little dog?  No!  Fenix was happy and playful and loved.  It was only my own feelings that made me unable see anything else but his suffering and not see his big heart and his strong will to live.

So many people thought it was wrong to let him live this way, with no hope of recovery and (as some may have thought) no quality of life.  But a few people with huge hearts refused to give up and saw in this little dog a survivor's instinct - and knew that he deserved to be helped.

This is the story of Fenix's life (with apologies to Surfactivity for the poor translation):

"Better to be born lucky than rich"

Fenix has survived:
  • 1st assassination attempt hit by a car at Vila Verde = FAIL (result: paralyzed lower limbs) 
  • 2nd attempt to murder by lethal injection = FAILED (abandoned in the desert hoping that soon the injection would kill him
  • 3rd attempt to murder through neglect again in the desert = FAILED (recovered and dragged himself back again) 
  • 4th attempt to murder by suffocation = FAILED (Tossed into a plastic bag to suffocate, but released in time) 
  • 5th attempt again by lethal injection = FAILED (recommended by veterinarians who thought it inappropriate for him to live in this condition) 
  • 6th assassination attempt by poisoning = FAILED (found in time and saved)
And after all this, his relentless will to live and our care have been rewarded. 

Tonight Fenix ​​flew to Italy, thanks to the Association Vita Animale in Milan where they will try to cure his paralysis or look for someone to care for him.

Fenix on his way to the airport in the back of Francesco's truck
Fenix's treatment has already begun and he has found a place with the other dogs.  The seventh miracle in his short life is the friends that he had living in Santa Maria and their relentless quest to help him.

I, who doubted and was even scared to look at him through my own fear and pity for him, salute you Pat, Nicky, Francesco, Debora and all others who fought for his survival.

Good luck Fenix!