Saturday, January 9, 2010

One RIU hotel guest who won't be fobbed off!

This is the response one RIU guest sent after Claudia Schunk the head of communications at the RIU sent a standard email

Dear Mrs Schunk,
Thank you for your standard reply which unfortunately does not really answer any of my questions . Since the manager of Riu Funana admitted to contacting somebody to 'take care of the problem' and a person has come forward admitting to having placed poison on the beach in front of the hotel, in a private arrangement between the hotel and the individual concerned, I would like to ask you who you think is responsible for this incident???

I would also like to know what guarantee there is for me and my family who will be going to the Riu Karamboa that we will not face a similar situation, and what measures have been taken by Riu to ensure the safety of families and dogs on the beach at the Riu Funana.

I would also mention that I have read many, many reports on forums for this destination from holidaymakers having come into contact with stray dogs on the beach. They all describe them as friendly and shy.. not the agressive wild dogs that the hotel has described.

With regard to your final statement. What is the Riu chain's actual policy with regard to stray dogs? Is there a global policy or is each individual hotel manager repsonsible for dealing with things as he or she sees fit? In what ways are you "working with local authorities" and how do you intend in the future to help to solve the stray dog problem?
I would really appreciate if you could give a more personalised reply to this mail as the seriousness of the subject warrants.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Silence from the RIU speaks volumes

Sitting waiting for a response to my letter sent registered post to the owner of the RIU group, Mr Luis Riu Guell. Nothing yet. I know the post is slow and Europe is covered with snow but a whole month? I suppose I have to assume that they are going to ignore us. Better get the pen and paper (keyboard and printer) out again then.

In the letter I stated the facts of Rasher's death and asked a few simple questions :
  • If Mr Chiarel did contact ‘the authorities’ (although he stated to us that he did not) – what was it that he expected the ‘authorities’ to do?
  • Were RIU head office aware of dogs and cats dying on the premises through possible poisoning since 2007?
  • Has this been and will it continue to be the official policy from RIU to dealing with cats and dogs on the hotel grounds or will RIU change the policy of dealing with stray dogs and cats following this recent incident of the death of beloved pets?
  • Has there been any internal action taken to deal with those involved?
  • What will happen to the latest dogs that are coming to the beach and the cats that are still inside the hotel?
  • Can the RIU guarantee that there will be no more poison put on the beach?
  • Will the RIU give us an honest and factual account of the circumstances leading to the death of our dogs?
Not unreasonable to want to know if the hotel intends to carry on with its nasty killing policy is it? If I were the hotel management I think I would want to make a statement and let people know that it is not our policy. Oh well, make your own minds up.....